Sunday, April 25, 2010

Minnie Mouse Part-Ay!

     I'm trying to catch up on my Blog.  It's been a couple of months, but there hasn't been a lack of cakes around the house.  This was the cake that I did for Kiersten's Birthday party.  She wanted a Minnie Mouse Party, and compared to Devin's Sorry Cake, this one was a breeze.


  • 1 8 Inch Round
  • 2 6 Inch Rounds
  • White Chocolate IMBC
  • Chocolate IMBC
  • Cake Mix Dr. "Better than ? Cake."
     I had heard that making brown chocolate frosting made it easier to get a nice dark black color than starting from a plain white frosting.   The good news is that I actually got a very nice deep dark black.  The bad news is it tasted AWFUL!  I had to add so much black coloring that the frosting had a very nasty aftertaste.  Luckily we gave the ears to the kids and the adults had the nice yummy white chocolate. :)   I wasn't impressed with my Super Bowl Cake brown chocolate recipe, so I added a little more semi sweet
chocolate to this one.  All the online recipes I found call for adding Semi-Sweet chocolate.  I'm not really sure as to why, but to this point, I'm just following along. Before I destroyed it with the coloring, I tried it and it's still not what I had in mind for chocolate frosting.  The on going quest for a nice brown chocolate recipe has commenced.  Unfortunately White Chocolate just doesn't satisfy the craving I get for chocolate.

    The one thing that is really annoying me about working with IMBC is I can't seem to get it smooth, but I'll keep working on that.


  • The White Chocolate IMBC came out great.  I'm really digging the flavor of this frosting.
  • One of the better Minnie Mouse Cakes I've seen :)
  • Black was not any easier to get from Brown Chocolate frosting as it is from a white frosting.
  • WAY to much black coloring really killed the taste of the Chocolate frosting.

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