Monday, February 1, 2010

Wilton Course 1 Class 4 Complete

        Well this was it.  The final class in Course 1 and it's the class most people take the course for.  The "Wilton Rose."  We spent the entire two hours learning how to do the rose and while the technique is actually quite easy when to do.  It's very difficult to get real good looking roses.  I have a new found respect people I see that pipe these things out perfectly in like 10 seconds.  I thought my roses turned out OK, but it's definitely something I need to practice on.  

     I bought some piping gel to add to the frosting to try to smooth it out, but I'm not sure how much it really helped.  You can tell that the edges still tore while I was trying to pipe the icing.  You'll also notice my shell border bleeds colors.  I just really love the way the blended colors look and I'll need to do another set of cupcakes and show how I blended different colors for the topping.  They turned out really cool looking.  I also want to try striping my bag with color to see how that looks.  When my teacher tried to teach me the method at class, it didn't turn out so hot.


  • 8" round cake
  • Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix. (BT?)
  • Wilton Buttercream icing
  • Shell Border
  • Topped with Wilton Roses
  • Wilton Rose Badge Earned! 
  • Blended Shell Border
  • My favorite shade of red thus far.
  • Frosting for roses split even with piping gel.
  • Roses need lots of practice.
    The rose class rejuvenated my desire to bake again!  I'm already planning out a Super Bowl Cake for sunday.  I don't have a particular team in the game, so it will be neutral, but I'll looking forward to seeing what I can come up with!


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