Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wilton Course 1 Class 2 Complete!

YAY!  This time we actually got to go to class and decorate a cake!  Now we're getting somewhere.  So far it's all pretty basic.  The instructor was still teaching people how to put their tips on the bags.  We practiced with stars, lines, and writing.  I, however, didn't do any writing on the cake.  My handwriting is horrible, and it's even worse when trying to do it with frosting.  Unfortunately, my camera is not so hot, so my pictures are not so hot.  This is the best one I could grab.  We used piping gel to outline the shape of the rainbow, and then just filled in the outlines with stars.  I liked the expanding rainbow look, but ran out of room on the edges.  I wanted to do something in the middle as well, but ran out of time.  The instructor insisted we use white cake for this one to hide the crumbs.


  • 1 8" round not torted.
  • Duncan Hines White Cake mix prepped as per box.
  • Iced with Wilton Buttercream.
  • Star Border with Buttercream

To get more practice with stars, we added a star border around the bottom.  In addition, we played with blending the frosting colors.  All we did is remove the tip from one bag and put it onto another bag with a different color without cleaning the tip.  What you end up with is a couple stars in the old color and then the new color starts coming through until you get solid new color.  It's a very cool look.  Next week, I'm going to try to play with some striping.

This is green/yellow mix.  I must admit I had the best cake at the class at the beginning.  Nobody else bothered to smooth theirs.  Some of the other colors the other students used were much better than mine.  I need to work on getting good bright colors.  I smoothed mine with parchment paper and my fondant smoother.  It worked like a charm!  I'm still trying to figure out the feel of the different consistencies, but my instructor mentioned that for frosting a cake, it's almost impossible to get the frosting too thin.

Up Next is the dreaded Clown cake!  The clown heads we're supposed to put on are pretty freaky, but c'est la vie. It is what it is.  We're also going to play around with striping our frosting.  I'm still searching for a nice Utah Crimson color, so this week I'm going to try starting from chocolate icing.  I've heard you can get better reds starting with chocolate.  We shall see!  Also this week end, I'll be making cup cakes for Devin's classmates for his birthday.  Busy cake weekend already!

Till next time - Eat Desert First!

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  1. would it kill ya to bring these in to work so i can eat them???