Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wilton Course 1 Class 3 Complete

    Class 3 was clown week.  Apparently making figures out of butter cream is a pretty big deal and so this was our introduction into it.  The teacher required a two-tone cake and I wanted to try to get red out of Wilton's chocolate butter cream.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make a good Utah Crimson color red and it was suggested I start from chocolate.  Unfortunately, it simply ended up as Maroon.  If I ever need to make a Texas A&M Aggie cake, I have the color.  We also learned the Shell border this week as you can tell from the border at the bottom.  I'm not sure if my frosting was too thick or what, but my shell border didn't turn out that great.  I blew out two disposable bags while trying to pipe my shell border.

   The clown was made by using the Tip 21 star tip.  He turned out OK, but the face really creeped me out.  I called it my Creepy Clown Cake, but my co-workers did not agree that it was creepy.  Also, I forgot to add the meringue to the chocolate frosting and so the sides did not harden.  Since the sides never hardened, I wasn't able to smooth it out very well.  Also, I found out the hard way that trying to smooth a two tone cake can prove troublesome.  You'll notice the little blotch of maroon there on the top of the cake.  I added a star border to cover up the edge, but again the frosting was too soft and didn't harden well due to the lack of meringue.


    • 8 inch round cake
    • Yellow cake mix prepped as per Cake Mix Dr. "Better Than ? Cake"
    • Wiltons Chocolate BC for the sides and filling
    • Wiltons BC for the top, shells and clown
    • Creepy clown head.
Cake Mix Dr.'s "Better Than ? Cake" is very moist and delicious.  I'm not sure I'll ever prep a regular yellow cake any other way.  Next weeks final lesson is the Rose flower,  but this weekend is a Sorry board cake for Devin's birthday.

Also missed this week is Devin's swirl cupcakes.  I found a method online on how to swirl different colors of frostings to cover a cupcake.  I even went out and bought me a brand new 1M tip.  Unfortunately my photographer didn't get any pictures, so I will need to do them again and post pictures.

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