Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wilton Course 1 Class 1 Complete!

  I had my first Wilton course 1 Cake Decorating instruction last night.  We watched the teacher make Wilton Buttercream and actually play with the different stiffnesses.  Additionally we learned the very basics about bags and tips. All really, really basic stuff.  What seemed odd to me is that it's a cake decorating class, but you never really practice actually frosting a cake.  We have to take a fully frosted cake for the next meeting.  It seems actually frosting your cake should be the first thing that you practice in a cake decorating class.  If you have ever tried to actually frost a cake without crumbs you would understand what a pain it can be.  I haven't decided if I should cheat for my next lesson and do a crumb-coat first before I frost it, or just jump straight to the frosting of it.

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